दुनिया एक संसार है, और जब तक दुख है तब तक तकलीफ़ है।

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

दानिश साहब से बातचीत 3


मुनीश ( munish ) said...

not playing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Irfan Saheb,

Sorry for writing in English as I do not know how to write emails in hindi.

I really enjoyed Mr Danish Iqbaal's interview. I am from Lucknow and Ganj Moradabad I know. However, I have not heard of Daanish Saheb. I am sure that it is not his fault nut my very limited readership. I am looking for good urdu literature in Hindi script. I can not read urdu script. I do enjoy Ghalib. Ghalib is hard to understand and one needs a good guide to Ghalib. I once saw Ghalib in rajkamal with Sardar Ali Jaffri's notes that is barely adequate. I need more guidance than that. I really loved Faiz saheb (available in Rajkamal and with dictionary I can make out somewhat). I think he is much underrated and considered as poet of protest only but saying that would deny his true genius.

Daanish Saheb's interview was great and wish I could get to hear Fehmida Riaz. I somehow can not see how one does starts the player (or pickle player) to listen to those interviews or any other. If you can please guide me through your site I would appreciate. If you do know any other site like yours on literature or music, I would appreciate.

If you can suggest good books or magazines on urdu stories, novels, poets available in hindi script (not translations), I would appreciate. I know what is available in Rajkamal Prakashan.

Thanks again.

Anil Shukla